We believe that it is unethical to encourage entrepreneurship without equipping people with the relevant entrepreneurial skills that can be verified – that is just a set-up for failure. Our goal is to see you succeed. Your success is our success. We believe that Business Resilience is a rare characteristic that is the common thread in all successful enterprises. We help you develop business resilience to bend with the tides of change – but do not break! Our desire is to teach you the skills that every business/entrepreneur must possess to prevent failure and if you do fall that you bounce-back quickly – that is resilience: the ability to bounce back!

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Entrepreneurship: Empowering Business-minded Individuals ... to thrive in a Global Market

Do you believe that Entrepreneurs don’t need an education for graduation but they need Learning that can lead to Earning? Learn how to be a successful entrepreneur! Do you want to learn the basics of entrepreneurship in a systematic and organized method? The truth is that your competence in understanding the dynamics, challenges, opportunities and knowledge of entrepreneurship is critical for your success. If you are ready to em-brace the reality that Entrepreneurship is more than Self-employment then this course will be a game-changer for you.

Business Resilience: Thriving in a Disruptive Global Market

The actions of all great people, successful business people and thriving businesses can be traced to a particular way of thinking – a paradigm. Unlocking and understanding how this paradigm works is the catalyst for business rejuvenation, creative thinking and building of Resilient business partnerships. Do you want to become competent with the knowledge of cutting-edge business thinking and confident to engage the disruptive environment of Business? Yes - you do! Then you will appreciate the front-end, practical aspect of business leadership and the back-end, philosophical undertones that stimulate creative thinking to thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUKA) environment.