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Welcome to Resilience Coaching International

Resilience Coaching International is committed to Pursuing Excellence, Influencing Change and Restoring Relationships.  We partner with individuals and organisations to Break Barriers, Transcend Limitations and Bounce Back.  We work with Progressive Organisations, Pro-active Professionals and Passionate Individuals who are driven to be all they can be, do all they can do and give all they can give - personally and professionally. To be their best, do their best and give their best at work or home.

Start Learning today!

Start Learning today!

Enhance your skills with us now

Enhance your skills with us now


Over 22 courses

Our Signature Courses

Resilience Coaching International provides In-person Training and Complete Online Courses for the following Sectors, with a special emphasis of making individuals realise their Calling in or outside their professions.

Metamorphosis: It’s a Calling ... Not Just a Job

This is a customised Resilience Coaching Course for Educators, Police Officers, Taxi Drivers, Garbage Collectors, Public Servants And YOU - for people, like the Lead-facilitator of the Course, who does not fit into these professional categories but want to discover their life’s Calling - whether it is in their current job or outside their current employment. This Course will make you think differently about what you do and how you do it.
2 Weeks
39 Lessons
R12,700.00 R15,600.00

Genesis: Communicating to Create, Convince and Connect

This is a customised Resilience Coaching Course that will change the trajectory of your life as a Communicator. Why? Because it is effective and affective. It is based on how the brain actually works and how it receives, processes, interprets and remembers information. This Course is research-based and infused with practical and multi-disciplinary connections that is unique, tried - tested and proven.
2 Weeks
34 Lessons
R11,400.00 R13,600.00

Ex - Nihilo - Pivoting for Success - with Resilient Thinking

Your life will change when you change the way you think. Your actions automatically aligns itself with your thoughts. The principles that you are going to learn in this Course are well-researched to meet the rigour of academic scrutiny and question of practical applicability. It is challenging and inspiring at the same time. You will become a better thinker with a grasp of different types of thinking.
4 Weeks
64 Lessons
R15,600.00 R25,600.00

Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.

Keri Russell

Our Flagship Courses

Realising the trajectory of future-learning and need for the increase of the Resilience Quotient in Individuals, Business, Health, Education, Family, Sales and Marketing, et al – Resilience Coaching International has designed and developed, in collaboration with Industry Experts and Research & Academic Professionals – Complete, Competitive and Customised Self-paced Online Courses that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere.  It bridges the gap between the professional and personal, merging the two into one – yet maintaining their distinctiveness.  The Courses, Online and In-person offered by Resilience Coaching International is unique to Resilience Coaching International and cannot be bought off-the-shelf.  It is original in its intent and dynamic in its content – Every course is a Life-changing experience.



6 Courses

Sales & Marketing

3 Courses

Marriage & Family

7 Courses

Business Resilience & Entrepreneurship

2 Courses

Wealth Creation

1 Course

Narrative Life-Coaching

1 Course

Life-style & Health

2 Courses

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At Resilience Coaching International, we provide only the best and curated courses for all aspects of your life.

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Complete at
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Every lesson is a Life-changing experience

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Your life will change when you change the way you think.  Your actions automatically aligns itself with your thoughts. Invest in yourself today and enroll in one of our courses.

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Course Facilitators

Course Facilitators
Course(s): Calibrate to Celebrate: Nurturing a Resilient Marriage, Marriage Resilience Coaching: An Intermediate Course for Marriage Resilience Coaches, Pre-marital Coaching Building Resilience for Marriage

Course Facilitator
Course(s): Resilient Learning - Pursuing Academic Excellence

Course Facilitator
Course(s): Pre-marital Coaching

Course Facilitator
Course(s): Entrepreneurship - Empowering Business-minded Individuals to Thrive in a Global Market, Business Resilience - Thriving in a Disruptive Global Market, Teaching for Learning, Resilient Wealth Creation, Ex Nihilo - Pivoting for Success with Resilient Thinking.

Course Facilitator
Course(s): Metamorphosis: Its a Calling … not just a job, Genesis: Communicating to Create, Convince and Connect, Ex-Nihilo – Pivoting for Success

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