Course Description

You know it …

“You are best when you fly – when you operate in your zone, when you have that swag, when you own your space, when you hit that sweet spot where your work is your play and your play is your work because you are living the life you were meant to live not someone else’s life or agenda.”  That is the experience of knowing your Calling and embracing it – that is when you transform into a butterfly and spread your wings and fly. 

When you view your work as a Calling instead of just a job, you will be faced with a turning point in your life. It will be a defining moment for you and paradigm shift. You will see your work differently, you will do your work differently, you will see your role differently and think about yourself differently. In other words – you will not just change with change but you will transform with change – which is what Metamorphosis is all about.

Do you want to understand, embrace and begin the life-changing journey of your Calling?   Find meaning in your work or Do the thing you were created to do and be the person you were destined to be? 

 – Increases Employee Engagement and Performance Outcomes –

Here’s a foretaste of what you can expect:

Video:  Lesson One: Metamorphosis: Its a Calling … not just a job

Don’t wait, procrastinate or hesitate

This is a customised Resilience Coaching Course for:

  1. Educators,
  2. Police Officers,
  3. Taxi Drivers,
  4. Garbage Collectors,
  5. Public Servants
  6. And YOU – for people, like the Lead-facilitator of the Course, who does not fit into these professional categories but want to discover their life’s Calling – whether it is in their current job or outside their current employment.

Don’t wait, procrastinate or hesitate