One of the saddest words are: “IF ONLY…” You don’t have to mention those words regarding your health.  You can take charge and enjoy resilient health.  Resilience simply means the ability to bounce back.  You can bounce back, physically, mentally, socially, spiritually and emotionally. You can choose to be healthy and act on that choice to make it a reality and that is what this course is about – and more. 

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Resilient Health: Embracing Lifestyle Medicine

Own your Health to enjoy your wealth! Do you want to save your money from medical bills and take ownership of your health? Do you want to enjoy the quality of life and not just the quantity of life? You Can - Today! Resilient Health: Embracing Lifestyle Medicine is a well-researched Life-style Medicine Coaching Course designed in consultation with Medical Professionals, Nutrition Experts and Ordinary people on different platforms for You to be the best You that You can be: Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. Make proactive decisions to improve the quality of your life.

Equilibrium – Maintaining Mental and Emotional Well-being – During and after COVID-19

Did you know that our mental and emotional states have a direct bearing on the quality of our lives because they will always determine our thinking, our behaviour and our results? As the line on the Covid-19 graph increases - panic, anxiety, fear, stress, and depression increases ten times more. And when the curve is flattened, the real dilemma is exposed: Depression, Stress and Anxiety. Can you imagine its combined effect on your immune system, Will to live and Courage to carry on? Don’t let Covid-19 get the better of you! Take proactive steps to protect yourself against the negative mental and emotional effects of COVID-19. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed, powerless or incapacitated. Act Today and Register for Equilibrium: Maintaining Mental and Emotional Well-being Today and experience MORE: More health, more prosperity, more happiness, more resi-lience than before.