We provide the scaffold you would need, through self-directed unique coaching models and fully accredited, 100% Online Certificate Courses to build resilience in marriage (Calibrate to Celebrate), prepare you for a resilient marriage (Pre-marital Coaching) and also Coaching teenagers into Adulthood, Parenting for Academic Excellence and more. 

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Pre-marital Coaching: Building Resilience for Marriage)

This Course takes a directive approach to Pre-marital Coaching. You will be exposed to the critical triggers of marital happiness and discord, which you can anticipate in the future. You will be encouraged to recognize important behavioral and thinking patterns in your fiancé and his/her extended family that must be faced or embraced before marriage.

Calibrate to Celebrate - Nurturing a Resilient Marriage

Are you in a “good marriage or bad marriage”? Wait - don’t answer that. It doesn’t really matter because it can always get better. Never underestimate the power of relationship knowledge - it can infuse you with enthusiasm and energy to take your marriage to the next level of marital contentment and happiness. With Calibrate to Celebrate - Nurturing a Resilient Marriage -your marriage will be a step-up from ordinary to extra-ordinary - from happy to happier. Your marriage may not be an exception to the rule but it will become exceptional. You can grow from just credible to incredible! Any Marriage can be fine-tuned and calibrated to be celebrated - your marriage can get better or move from good to great!

Resilient Parenting: Coaching Teenagers into Adulthood

Almost every job has pre-requisites and/or in-service training because unpreparedness or incompetence is not an acceptable excuse for poor performance. However, for bringing a life into the world, we assume that nature will take her course and they will grow up. The ability to have children does not mean you are equipped to raise them up. Resilient Parenting is a proactive intervention to offer “on-the-job training” for parents in this diversified world. This Course will Coach you to understand the dynamics of parenting teenagers and embrace a practical approach to leading your children to successfully transition into adulthood.

Marriage Resilience Coaching - An Intermediate Course for Marriage Resilience Coaches

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