Course Description

Genesis: Communicating to Create, Convince and Connect … will infuse, inspire and ignite you with the skills, power and secret of all great communicators …

This Course is research-based and infused with practical and multi-disciplinary connections that is unique, tried – tested  and proven.  You can remain where you are – settle for less and be content with what you have or you can learn how to improve, make incremental changes and open the door with “Genesis” and embrace a whole new world of possibilities that is waiting for you

Better-than-average communicators are generally more successful than other people, but great communicators start movements, create momentum and inspire action.  Whether you are ‘selling’ yourself, a product or service, others or a vision – you need to connect, calibrate and communicate to so that others ‘buy’ what you are selling!  In the boardroom, bank or ballroom – responding while sitting or speaking while standing – Don’t sabotage your potential because you can’t communicate your ideas.

Professionals and Preachers, Promoters and Participants, Employers and Employees – you can have a new beginning and scale upwards with Genesis: Communicating to Create, Convince and Connect.

Here’s a foretaste of what you can expect:

Video: Lesson One: The Learning Zone versus the Performance Zone

Don’t wait, procrastinate or hesitate