Course Description

This Course takes a directive approach to Pre-marital Coaching.  You will be exposed to the critical triggers of marital happiness and discord, which you can anticipate in the future. You will be encouraged to recognize important behavioral and thinking patterns in your fiancé and his/her extended family that must be faced or embraced before marriage. 

This Course has the four key objectives:

  1. To strengthen the couple’s commitment to each other based on principles undergirding a good marriage, among which are unconditional love, lifelong covenant faithfulness, and mutual submission with love and respect.
  2. To prepare the couple for transition to married life, providing opportunity for them to anticipate predictable changes and to reach agreement on their expectations of each other in marriage.
  3. To enhance the couple’s relational skills of communication, processing anger, problem solving, resolving conflicts in mutually acceptable ways, and giving and receiving affection.
  4. To assist the couple to evaluate their decision to marry by looking realistically at their reasons and readiness for marriage.

Are you in love and planning to get married soon?  Yes!  You need to prepare for the journey ahead.  Without any professional preparation – you will meet hurdles that you may not be able to overcome and it can destroy the love that brought you together.  Preparing for marriage is different from planning for a wedding! That is why you need Pre-marital Coaching: Building Resilience for Marriage.

Here’s a foretaste of what you can expect:

Video:  Course Description

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