Resilient Wealth Creation is a very intentional Wealth Creation Course, with Certificate, dealing with the fundamental, foundational and most important aspect in the continuum towards realising real wealth.  It is a Course with a Cause: to educate, liberate and accentuate you towards a path of financial independence, not just for you but also for you, your children and children’s children: multi-generational.  Only those who are serious about becoming financially independent and want to pass on the same knowledge to their children will register for this life-changing Course.

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Resilient Wealth Creation: Creating Multi-generational Wealth is the Only Certificate Course of its kind, in the world, because it is designed by a Social Entrepreneur, Certified Ethics Officer, Business Rescue Practitioner, Resilience Coach, Pastor, Marriage Officer, Author of more than 23 books and Retention Specialist. It is life-changing, interactive, engaging and personal. Resilient Wealth Creation teaches you how to think about wealth Creation – based on tried and tested, market-related, practical and real principles of Resilience and Wealth Creation.