Course Description

Almost every job has pre-requisites and/or in-service training because unpreparedness or incompetence is not an acceptable excuse for poor performance.  However, for bringing a life into the world, we assume that nature will take her course and they will grow up.  The ability to have children does not mean you are equipped to raise them up.  Resilient Parenting is a proactive intervention to offer “on-the-job training” for parents in this diversified world.

This Course will Coach you to understand the dynamics of parenting teenagers and embrace a practical approach to leading your children to successfully transition into adulthood. 

Do you realise that your children are growing up in a world thats different from the one you knew as a child? Let us equip you with the tools to nudge your teenagers from average to extra-ordinary and reach their full potential.  Do youwant to be coached into knowing how to absorb the positives of  the current cultural mindset to enhance your relationships with your teenagers and prepare them for a consistent, balanced and enriching adulthood?  Yes!  This Course uses the best of current research and literature and merges it with practical experience so that your parenting experience can be fulfilling, meaningful and a joy indeed.

Be the Parent who knows the skills of navigating the fulfilling path of Parenting Teenagers – and have the certificate to prove it!

Here’s a foretaste of what you can expect:

Video:  Course Description

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