True stories, like The Wheelbarrow Kid, are powerful agents of change. For the first time, a story is designed into a Coaching Course.  It is not just a story – It is a true story with a Cause: to change lives, give hope and make a difference in the world. 

The Wheelbarrow Kid is just a glimpse of a true story of courage against the odds … a story of resilience and determination. It will change your life!

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The Wheelbarrow Kid – Inspiring Resilience Through Narrative

The Wheelbarrow Kid is a true story with multiple life-changing principles and lessons to inspire resilience in youth and young adults in transition. It is episodes, of a true story of courage againstthe odds … a story of resilience and determination. The strengths thathelped a lost boy become resilient were non-cognitive in nature. As youimmerse yourself in the carefully selected events of his childhood, in thisCourse, you will be coached to realize that there is much more to your own life if you will only open up to its possibilities