Our goal is to equip people with employable skills that are internationally recognized, competitive, market-related and relevant.

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Call Center Competencies (CCC).

This is the basic, introductory Course for all aspiring and current Call-Centre agents. If you want to be prioritised for selection into the Call Center space or want to gain the foundation knowledge to excel then you need to register Today. This Foundation Course is imperative for current Call Center Agents and anyone contemplating an ever-increasing-income-generating career in sales. Call Center Competencies – CCC - empowers you with the critical skills needed to excel in the Sales and Marketing environment. And upon Completion - your credential is immediately forwarded to all registered Call Centers - for consideration for employment or promotion.

E.T.M - Empowered Tele-Marketing

Are you a Sales Agent in a Call Center? This Training Course uses Cognitive Principles and Social & Behavioral Science techniques to enhance your effectiveness as a Call Center Agent and Customer Service Representative. You will learn how to say more with less words, how to ‘read’ and profile your customer through conversation and how to convert ‘leads’ with the least effort in less time. It is time to Up-Your-Game and Connect like a pro with clients/customers, convert like a genius and earn like never before. Do you agree? Yes! Do you want to improve and incrementally increase your conversion and retention rate to more than eighty percent? Yes! The application of this research-based and industry-tried model will transform you into a Sales Champion - in demand - locally and internationally! E.T.M can become your ATM.

Advanced Course in Tele-sales and Marketing (A.C.T.S)

This is not a foundation or introductory course and neither is it an intermediate course. This Course is an Advanced Skills Development Course for those who want to Step-up, Raise-the-bar and be a Game-changer in Sales. It’s time to transcend the limitations of the past, reach your full potential and reap the biggest Return on Investment - in yourself! You already know that Your earning potential is in direct correlation to your individual potential so invest in your professional development and upward mobility with A.C.T.S Today. This is the Learning Curve that may propel you towards management or opening your own Call Center.