Course Description

Resilient Learning inspires and coaches a student to contract, transact and enact with the deepest and most effective form of intrinsic motivation.

Resilient Learning is a Professionally designed Academic Coaching Course to inspire and motivate Learners to rise above their limiting circumstances and border-line mindsets – to value education and pass with Excellence. Designed by a Young Female Medical Student who attended eight schools before matriculating – This life-changing course is based on practical, tried and tested proven strategies with Engaging Videos Clips, Short Interactive Lessons with Positive Reinforcement.  It is:Self-Paced, Practical and Inspiring.  Resilient Learning: Pursuing Academic Excellence is a 100% Online Coaching Course for Learners in Grades 7-12.

Register Today and Change Tomorrow.  Become a Resilient Learner and Pursue Academic Excellence.

Here’s a foretaste of what you can expect:

Video:  Lesson one: Introduction

Register Today and Change Tomorrow. Become a Resilient Learner and Pursue Academic Excellence.