Resilience Coaching International

Patty Singh

Hey Paul you always so smart

Wendy E. Goncalves

I think your children are proud to have you as parents too! You need to bring him to preach in Swaziland sometime. Mapong is in Kenya too. Oh how blessed the Kenyans are.

Grace Kasakwa

Hi pastor ,i stil remember ur sermon.salvation is only to jesus nothing else.nd the power of juridiction.ndola music camp.God richly bless u nd continue preachin even more pipo frm ur area to be pastor lik u

Edith Duran

Thank you. God spoke to me through your message

Ravin Ramlucken

Hey my brother, always a privelige listening to you and being in your presence. Looking good bro

Thotho Ntsundukazi Boya

Wow Pastor Paul Charles you have made my day, can’t wait to get hold of a revised version.

Sharon Pillay

Amen. I love your passion to spread the gospel. So beautiful how God brings His word to life in our every day. God Bless you Pastor Paul.

Varghese John are reAlly great fAther…god bless you & family.

Pragie Reddy

You the man, never a dull moment

Xhamela KaMgcina

Wow stay blessed and take courage Pastor I remember your sermon years back in East London,you were saying a young man should “kneel” down and pray and today that’s what keeps me going cuase of that message,,,so you too also keep on kneeling and pray

Francois Louw

Paul, congratulations on your new elected position and assignment. May God guide, protect and bless you and yours

Mary Nelson

The Bigger Picture: We reap what we sow -Great point and powerful video. Thank you.?

Samuel White

The Bigger Picture: We reap what we sow – Even though they sow evil like my girlfriend in relationship’s keep doing them right.?

Don Rollins

The Bigger Picture: Evidence That Demands A Verdict – Well good luch with your faith, since EVERYONE exhibits it.?

Bhekisisa Mchunu

Paul you have been blessed to have an audience with this giant African Leader. You are a true ambassador of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Jessica Maistry

I enjoy reading yr insightful posts Paul Charles

Reeshad Rashid

My Brother. We your family are all so proud of you. I know that “our mom” would be proud too. Continue the lovely work you doing for the “Lord”.

Mohanraj Israel

Thanks Pr. Paul for your heartwarming testimony!!! Certainly agree with you that this day is much more important than your birthday. Wonderful knowing you as a student and a friend!! Learnt many things from you and Caroline. All the best Pastor. Press on. My prayers are with you. Wish I was there to listen to your sermon too!! God bless.

Grego Pillay

Good apologetic Paul. Keep it up you in the right track…. And to the right to believe what we want to believe comes with its own consequences based on the freedom to choose. So choose wisely a worldview that can explain the meaning and purpose of Life.

Sikhumbuzo Dube

Bloom wherever you are planted. Thank you Dr Charles

Lynette Buckland Mangozhe

Brilliant Pastor you write so well am looking forward to the rest of the book

Namandla Pemhiwa

Beautiful book my Pastor,beautiful title,Run to Daddy.There is no greater love.God bless.

Grego Pillay

Paul, now this is what I call conversational apologetics at its best. An appropriate illustration conveying the beauty of Obedience in Salvation that many so misunderstand.

Alina Ntsulela

Pastor…thank God for u,if we call upon him without hesitations and doubts..HE WILL ANSWER,I know this beacuse i had stopped running to daddy and my life was a mess for 4yrs.

Judith Chitoro

Ps don’t ever put your pen down keep the spirit

Karen Schofield-Nel

Pastor, thank you for such powerful inspiration

Londiwe D Manombe Ncube

Beautiful!!!Keep writing and never put the pen down Ps Paul Charles Through these experiences, the Lord continue to have you draw lessons of great importance..

Hillary Baatjies

The Power of personal experience!!! Be blessed my brother, you have blessed me so much today through this narrative

Thomas Gill

Paul you were writing a book now you wrote a Library I saw Paul book shop in your friends fb profile

Raj Naidoo

Thank God for our Pastor, even in snowy weather conditions we are covered thru media. We compliment you and your team. Praise lesser God. Blessed Sabbath.

Qhamane Africa Zwide

Feel the tempo of SID during 2013. Highlights of activities that has been the focus of the church in SID – mfundisi this is powerful, siyabonga mfundisi

Qhamane Africa Zwide

Mfundisi wethu, I know you long time, you so humble showing that you a leading by example

Ian Moonga

Thank you my pastor for such a thought for life.

Paul Khumalo

Yes indeed He gave because He is love, thanku for the inspiring words. May our God always gives you wisdom to usher us with words of encouragements. Lav u mfundisi!

Dorcas Jayiya

Happy Sabbath thank you for the inspiration

Edren Muteweri

Thanks Mfundisi for the good time God gave us this weekend at TO STRAND,Port Edward.

Zintle Zypo Qorana

Happy sabbath 2u2 Pastor.people of Angola are in our thoughts and prayer including you pastor God bless you all

Evangelist Mavhuru

Keep the good work Paul Charles

Nkosiphile Nkomo

Thanks paster l wish l am a paster.

Kelvin Chinga

Wonderful Work Ps. God bless

John Tumpkin

Wisdom, indeed, from an educator instructed by the Great Educator Himself, Jesus Christ the living One. Blessings to you and your family!! JET.

Mel Chetty

Great lessons comes in small doses. Thanks Paul. You’ve always being an inspiration. God chose the perfect instrument to relay His Divine Message, “YOU”, continue playing.

Fenwick W Mulilo


Senzo Innocent Mkhize

I had a wheelbarrow book,even today I still think about that kid and those real stories.Thanks 4 sharing.

Victor Phiri

Wooow powerful; God is in the business of saving lost sinners, his grace is sufficient for us all, thank you Pastor for drving to that church

Dorcas Jayiya

A couple of day ago you said * life is not about accomplishing something it is about something you are created for* and I think this is what you were created for and may the good Lord keep on using you and doing wonders through you

Lindelwa Bless Zanele

U know i thought when some1 has chosen to be a satanist can not repent,i even told myself dat if some1 i know has chosen to be a satanist i should not waist time to tell them about God.From 2day i will change,noting will stop me. Thank you about the story with us.

Boniface Makumbi

Amazingly amazing, amen ps…..continue to be used by the spirit.

Isaac Phiri

May the good Lord continue blessing you my brother and my Pastor. It has been long time.

Nomfanelo Mamelody Miya

it was really nice to have you in our church Ps, oh what a blessed Sabbath. May God Continue to bless you

Thabani Zuma

It inspired us pastor

Thandeka Minentle

Um inspired..thnx fr sharing

Penny Brink

Except if you’re so multi-talented like you 🙂 Then you can do lots of things! Lol!!

Londiwe D Manombe Ncube

You’re talking to my life Ps Charles.This that the Lord has revealed to me,aint nobody gonna stop me.In fulfilling this sole purpose,my life would not have been in vain..

Eugene Rangayah

God bless your kids! And blessings to you and Caroline for the parenting skills that God has blessed you with!

Sivasha Karransingh

All the best to you, Carol and the children.

Thabani Zondi

We r happy for u, pastor charles. This is one of the decisions dat we think children dat r born into the adventist family just automatically take…but its not like dat. Its something we r to appreciate when it happens

Sona Lukonde

Thankx pr,we r manufactured by jesus,l love the way i enjoyd yo testmoni via lets Pray live.

Gawu Nzama

U r @ the stage of CONVERGENCE where u can truly sing ‘Nought that I have my own I call, I hold it for the giver, my heart my strength my life my all, are His and His forever. Enjoy the season!

Tasneem Khan

Paul I’m really so proud of u! What u sow, so shall u reap. So u are now reaping the fruits of your labour. Well done and God bless! May u continue to be successful in all your endeavours! Pls convey my luv to Caroline and the kids! God Bless!

Grace Sagathevan

So sweet, what a wonderful husband

Pk Zee

I still listen to the message you preached to us in Zambia on Sabbath and i can attest that its been a real blessing to me,may God Almighty make you smile.

Linge Sokupa

Im humbled by what I read Pastor.May God help me to apply it in my life.Wooh its sooo amazing to read about people who are inspired by God Himself.May God richly bless you,saint.

Bhekani Ngwenya

Thank you pastor you’r our inspiration esp us as young pple

Bana Kabele M M

Thanks for such an inspiration. These words are enough to carry me thru. God bless you.

Elinoyolo Hoho

Pastor thanks 4 this words they realy blessed me

Learnmore Maxwell Mudzengerere

Thank you Pastor, I have been encouraged and inspired by your early morning message. God bless

Linda Ncube

An inspiration pastor

Nadia Peters

Thank you so very much for the inspirational way you directed my day to begin. Pastor Charles. It is a true blessing.

Sithabile Ncube

So inspirational, thank you Pastor.

Martha Saminathan

My handsome brother. Dis pic has brought back so many memories. I remember seeing u in da hot sun sitting there working as if you were doing da best job from everyone else an you was enjoying every minite of it. I used to feel so sorry for u getting sun burnt. Iv never seen anyone enjoy their job as much as u did. Gods plans r nt our plans. He has better instored for us. From rags to riches, it only can be da hand of God. God bleSs u brother an I love you

Thotho Ntsundukazi Boya

I also read yo book “wheelbarrow kid” – inspiring. Life is indeed a series of miracles from above.

Boitshoko Khumalo

I remember the sermon you preached about Joseph & yr journey to Egoli- Sedaven camp meeting 2008…..can 4get tht sermon.To God be the Glory

Thoko Gabayo

Hay wena Pastor I’m always blessed by ur words indeed. Through u I’m still learning the word of God help me is there a verse that speaks about Lobola doury in the Bible I need to help someone pls assist

Sipiwe Simasokwe

Thats the word pastor… CHIPOLOPOLO(BULLET). what a wonderful time we had just to worship and fellowship with one another at the music camp meeting. we were equaly blessed with yo ministry and yo jokes too made our campmeeting live. we thank God for people like u. may he continue to bless u and yo family.

Aaron Muleya

u’re a good pastor GOD bless u

Sipiwe Simasokwe

Pastor Charles u r doing a great job. I want to encourage all those that do enjoy this freedom of religion to speek out and pray for all our brothers and sisters out there facing challenges in this regard. May God help us.

Prudy Mnikina

I thank God pastor,because when he created people he also created u 4 a purpose of using u as his tool 2 preach his word throughout the world n i so wish n pray dat flagstaff district could think of u once again.God Bless you

Grace Sagathevan

Feel the tempo of SID during 2013. Highlights of activities that has been the focus of the church in SID – mfundisi this is powerful, siyabonga mfundisi

Ora Sorawin Paul

Reading the book “Wheelbarrow Kid” I can see the tremendous blessing that God has showered upon you abundantly as you have been one of the chosen ones to carry out His tasks. .. hope to see and read more of the kind of book you are able to share.. May God empower you in your mininstry!

Freddy Deleen Bouwer

Thank you, Paul. You were an excellent MC. What we are going to do next year without you I don’t know. I agree that the best way is to send a service request.

?Pardon Mwansa

Pastor Charles: I enjoy watching your program on Hope TV. God’s blessings on you.