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Resilient Learning

The resilient are recognised as intelligent. A person’s Resilience Quotient (RQ) is as important as their IQ or EQ as a determinant of success in school or in the working world, after school. If your Resilience Quotient (RQ) is higher than your IQ then your chances of excelling in school (improving your grades) and life is greater than if your IQ is greater than your Resilience Quotient (RQ). Academic success is not a natural attainment – it requires Resilience – RQ ≥ IQ. You were born to be a knock-out not to be knocked out.

Based on the book: Resilient Learning by Leandra Charles, a recent matriculant and first year University Student, Resilient Learning Coaching – IMPROVEMENT and PROGRESS towards ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE – IPAE is a registered programme with Resilience Coaching International. It is an interactive and engaging, one day, seminar based coaching program designed to lead a student to think Resiliently and adopt a new mindset towards academic excellence.

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