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Dr Paul Charles

We are living in turbulent economic times with unprecedented paradigm shifts which compels us to rethink our strategy, redesign our products, and regroup our human resources - to work together to build greater resilience to thrive in a volatile market - which is our greatest opportunity.​


The history of Resilience Coaching International is intimately tied with its Co-founders: Leandra Macy Charles and Paul Charles - An entrepreneurial, inter-generational daughter and father duo. Inspired by his daughter's achievement of six distinctions in spite of attending eight different schools, Paul encouraged Leandra to write her story to change lives and Leandra inspired Paul to formalize the vision into Resilience Coaching International. Leandra is still a University student and Paul is still a Resilient Learner.


When he started his first company, Foundation for Corporate and Individual Development (F-CID), in 1997, with the current Managing Director of Bangkok School of Management, they were young graduates with a passion to change the world. With no website or access to immense wealth, they operated primarily in Singapore, Malaysia and India, for a very brief period of time, offering their services to businesses and schools and universities and whoever had ears and were willing to listen. They made mistakes and fell more than a hundred times but every time that they fell they bounced back, learned the very expensive lessons and became even better at what they did.


Paul says: “In our naivete and youthful passion, I did not realise that I was being moulded and becoming an expert in what would eventually define my entire life: RESILIENCE. When we parted ways, we both began to specialise in what was considered our strengths and passion. Since then, I had the privilege of impacting individual lives, relationships and businesses to harness their full potential and to pursue excellence. I wanted to create a Resilience Movement to influence change, inspire hope and restore relationships. I have been living it and inspiring Resilience for more than 20 years.”


Born in abject poverty and eclipsed from hope, Paul lived in a children’s home, a place of safety and detention, a youth center and during the 12 years of school, he attended 13 different schools. He knows what it is to pick thrown-away sandwiches from a rubbish bin and eat just to satisfy growling hunger pangs. He experienced living on the streets, sleeping in railway stations and running away from the police. Society classed him as a juvenile delinquent and was even locked in prison for a time. He survived without the benefit of family resources or safety nets that children from privileged homes enjoyed. His story is captured in the book: “The Wheelbarrow Kid: The Story of Resilience”


During the past sixteen years (2001-2017) Paul has shaken the hands of Politicians, Presidents and Priests. He dined with Kings, kinsmen and countrymen. He has selfies with Presidents, prayed with Chief Justices, and laughed with the Secret Service. He has been the Speaker for University graduations, guest speaker at prestigious events and key-note speaker at training events.


Paul travelled to and conducted meetings in Europe, America, Australia, throughout most of Africa, India, Singapore, Malaysia and some more. He interviewed great statesmen like the Honourable Kenneth Kaunda and preached to Kings in Africa. He has presented a number of television shows and hosted a few. He had his own talk show on international television, and have been a guest on talk shows too.


Paul has authored books with varied interests such as business, theology, homiletics, education, leadership and life. He has conducted marriage seminars, communication seminars, social media training, video production training, relationship seminars, strategic thinking workshops and Leadership seminars. He presented in front of audiences of over thirty thousand people in open air in Madagascar, ten thousand in South Africa, over sixty thousand in Malawi. Paul has spoken in stadiums, theaters, halls and homes.


He has been invited to speak by the Judiciary, South African Police Service, Eskom, Car Dealerships, Meals on Wheels, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Catholics and Protestants, NGO’s, and Businesses, just to name a few.
He has been a Pastor for sixteen years leading people to choose moral lives and changed behaviour and Communication Director for an organisation that spans twenty three countries. Paul has been an instrument of hope for thousands. His familiar trademark statement is: “If I was going to be like everyone else, who was going to be me! There is only one me (and there is only one you). I don't want you to be me because if you are me then who’s going to be you? Be yourself but strive to be the best self that you can be.”


Today, twenty years later, the question is revisited: “Who is Paul Charles?”


Paul Charles is a member of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa), the World’s Number 1 Resilience Coach, a Multi-Potentialite, Modern Academic Impressionist, Social Entrepreneur, Prolific Author, Dynamic Presenter and Preacher, Certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator (USA), Certified Transformation Coach (SA) Marriage Resilience Coach, Editor of RESILIENCE NEWS, Conflict Resolution Coach, Co-founder and CEO of RESILIENCE COACHING INTERNATIONAL, Philanthropist, Life-long Learner and Epitome of Resilience.

The Kanizsa triangle is an optical illusion first described by the Italian psychologist Gaetano Kanizsa in 1955. When looking at the Kanizsa triangle, one sees the shape of a white, equilateral triangle in the center that appears to occlude the shapes around it. It also appears to be brighter than the surrounding area. Neuropsychologists call it the “T-effect.”


The default position of the human brain is to think positively. Groups of neural cells see breaks in lines or shapes, and if given no further input, will assume that there is a figure in front of the lines. This happens because the brain has been naturally wired to view the break in lines and circles as an object that is more brighter than the surrounding circumstances. The human brain errs on the side of safety, creativity and potential and perceives the space as an object. Because of the missing parts - a brighter and more visible triangle is seen in the center.


Our brain is naturally Resilient, reflecting the Creator - it is able to perceive and interpret the gaps, crises, “missing parts” of our lives, relationships and business as a catalyst for something even more beautiful and ‘brighter’. Amazingly true! When we adopt negative and catastrophic thinking, resulting in stress and lack of perspective, we are working against ourselves, and a natural system inherent with the mechanism to protect itself to become better instead of bitter.

    • In creating workplaces that are conducive to resilience learning.
    • That the robust corporations need to become resilient to maintain market share.
    • In people’s strengths and that by playing to your strengths people build competency that leads to confidence which impacts organisation results.
    • That our role is to accentuate the positive and bring out the best potential in people and organisations.
    • In achieving results that are sustainable, measurable, tangible and relevant.
    • That our greatest success lies outside ourselves, in making others successful.
      But most importantly we have the passion, knowledge, enthusiasm, drive and
      commitment to help you make the transition from where you are to where you can be.

"Resilience is sometimes misunderstood as the ability to be armoured against difficulty. It isn't. It is the capacity to remain flexible in thoughts, behaviours and emotions when under stress - when faced by a life disruption, or extended periods of pressure, so that we emerge from difficulty stronger, wiser, and more able. That stress may come from a one-off event, such as career setback, retrenchment, loss of a relationship or other life-changing events.


It is not just about bouncing back because unlike rubber balls, we are affected and shaped by life’s obstacles. The Resilient accept the things they cannot change and use it as a learning curve to become better instead of bitter” Dr Carole Pemberton, Neenan and Dr Paul Charles.

We are a diverse and dynamic Resilience Coaching Company, with an Outcomes-based focus. Resilience Coaching International is a member of COMENSA - COACHES AND MENTORS OF SOUTH AFRICA. COMENSA is the SAQA-recognised statutory professional body for coaching and mentoring in South Africa. COMENSA regulates the coaching and mentoring professions in South Africa and through a professional code of ethics and conduct, professional development and ongoing continuing professional development and access to resources.


As a COMENSA Coach Training Provider, Resilience Coaching International is involved in offering coach training programmes, courses and workshops.


Resilience Coaching International is internationally Accredited with the International Coaches Register (ICR)

Dr Paul Charles
Dr Paul Charles
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